About the Artist—Lita Dick

There are many ways to express creativity. Sewing is one of the ways. I taught myself to sew growing up in the Philippines. Being proficient at my craft enabled me to perform tasks from simple fixes such as hemming skirts and pants, to making clothes for me and my daughters, or creating custom wedding gowns with nothing to guide me except a sketch or a picture. Transforming fabrics into an original prom gown for an anxious high school senior gives me a great sense of accomplishment. I feel good when I can share my skills and creativity with others, such as my daughter, Kimberly, who teaches fashions design at Virginia Commonwealth University. I also get satisfaction from teaching sewing classes.

Photo of Artist

To be a good seamstress one must have patience, imagination, and be good with their hands in order to create a beautiful evening gown; this is also true for painting. My passion and creativity transitioned from sewing to painting while I was recovering from an ankle surgery twenty‐two years ago. I had always dreamed of painting; and, my lack of mobility at that time opened the window. Since then, I have surrounded myself with people who love and enjoy putting their feelings on canvas. I gain inspiration from my life experiences and my painting friends. Opening ArtGallery715 is a dream come true for me.