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Doris Roland

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I work in oil, watercolor and acrylic. Inspiration for my paintings comes from my garden, neighborhood and the community. One does not have to travel far to find beauty and subjects for a work of art.

My first art recognition came when I was in fourth grade in my hometown of Nashville, Tennessee.

I won an art scholarship after graduating from high school but accepted a more practical scholarship in social administration...a field that I did not pursue after graduating college. I did have a long career in public school administration. I am now a full time artist and enjoy artwork and the related activities immensely.

I have won several awards for my work and have been included in Hampton Arts’ diversions magazine twice in the last seven years.

Delores Christiansen

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When I retired from the working world, I looked for a recreational activity I would enjoy; I found it in the art of painting and I have won awards for my efforts. The challenge of creating images in various mediums is so rewarding. I continually look for new ways to paint and create in multi dimensional expression. The fellow artists I have met enhance my learning and are a joy to be around. During group painting sessions, we have a wonderful time and each of us has a great passion for what we do; besides, it is just great fun.

Lita Dick

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Everyone needs an outlet, a means to express, create or at the very least, a way to release whatever inspires you. Even if I am commissioned to paint a farmhouse from a family photo of a landscape, I incorporate my own creative touch in the artwork. I am most happy when I am painting; and, when I am done with a piece of artwork, I have something tangible that I can share with anyone who takes an interest. I have gained a great feeling of fulfillment from painting. I hope that my work can help someone feel as good as I do about art.

Shirley Stein (Sora)

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I have been painting for over 15 years. My mother made me promise, before she passed away, that I would pursue this gift, which she thought that I possessed. I do not know about the gift, but painting brings me back to my childhood play and I forget everything else. I use oils because I love the way they blend and how I can work them together repeatedly until I achieve the effect I want.

Sherman Watkins

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World Renowned Artist

Mr. Watkins paints and illustrates from varied subject matter and in many mediums. His media consist of pastel, watercolor, pencil, charcoal, Palette Knife, and oil on velvet, canvas and Masonite. He was a student of Mr. Joseph Davis and Louis Pascual in the technique of painting on velvet.

In the local area, his works have been exhibited at the Charles H. Taylor Arts Center, Hampton; Nauticus, Norfolk; the Southeast Virginia Art Institute Galleries, Suffolk; Fort Eustis, Newport News. Now, you can see his works at ArtGallery715.